For Lasting Burial Options That Keep Your Loved Ones Memory Alive In The Beautiful Open Sea

Guardian Memorial Reefs

About Our Memorial Reefs

Guardian Memorial Reefs helps honor the memory of your loved one while restoring the ecosystem of our oceans. Our business began after our founder, Anthony “Scott” Alvarez, developed a way to honor the memory of his late father.

Ocean Life

Scott’s passion for being on the water and sharing those experiences with others transcends this business. He is a Licensed Master Captain, scuba diver, and former captain of a competitive offshore fishing team. Countless hours were spent on the water with his dad.

Business Partner Joe Fernandez has a similar affinity for the water.  He has specialized in various aspects of the environmental field. Joe is passionate about his family, environment, fishing, diving, and boating. He has assisted with the deployment and sinking of reef material as part of artificial reef programs. Joe’s understanding of the benefits of the cremation process verses traditional burial inspired him to partner with Scott.

Alternative Approach

Scott came into the concept of this business after people learned what was done with his father’s remains. Like many of us, his father dreaded going to cemeteries and wanted something done that was unique, meaningful, and beneficial for the environment. He didn't want family to dread going to visit his final resting place. Imagine instead “wanting” to go visit your loved ones' final resting place and feeling good about it.

Guardian Memorial Reefs
Guardian Memorial Reefs

Resting Place

As his father’s health declined, a request was made from father to son to have his ashes formed into a concrete structure. That structure was to be placed in the Gulf of Mexico. “When you want to come visit me…go fishing,” he told Scott.

Customized Design

Scott took to the task of creating this structure. His father’s Police Badge fixed to the front with six stars symbolizing his two children and four grandchildren surround the badge. A brass plate commemorating his dates of birth and death were placed below the badge.

Your memorial will receive identical attention.