Commemorate Your Loved One with Our Green Burial & Marine Funeral Options.

Why We Construct Memorial Reefs

Guardian Memorial Reefs is a company focused on helping families in need of affordable Memorials, who are also interested in the restoration of the environment with artificial reefs. We provide families with a meaningful and affordable end of life service for their loved ones while providing a "habitat to create new marine life".

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Traditional Hazards

Traditional funerals are expensive, and typical costs can exceed $20,000. A traditional burial is also toxic for the environment, and the chemicals involved with the embalming process are so hazardous that the casket must be placed in a sealed concrete vault with a concrete lid in order to prevent them from escaping into the soil.

Affordable Options

For many Americans, cremations are chosen primarily for cost savings. However, this process is much more beneficial for the environment and leaves families wondering what to do with the final remains. Our process for memorializing your family member is affordable and beneficial to the environment.

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Innovative Process

With our process for interring your lost loved one, marine life will quickly become attracted to the structure. Tiny animals called “polyps” will attach to the exterior of your memorial, and over time those polyps become coral structures. Those structures combine to create reefs, which flourish with new life.

Responsible Alternative

If given a choice, how would you like to spend eternity? We strongly feel this is the most responsible way to commemorate a life while restoring the environment for new life to begin. Our process allows families to customize the design of the memorial in a way that best suits the one they have lost.

A statue of a soldier with flowers and american flags.

Forward-Thinking Motivates Our Design & Pricing

Guardian Memorial Reefs features an affordable approach to end of life planning that includes a customized memorial design.  The memorial is delivered to a location on the seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico.

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A coral reef with many different types of corals.

Memorial Features

Each memorial that we construct includes a professional-grade photo and a standard bronze plaque stating “In Loving Memory” with the deceased’s dates of birth and death. The vault area provides ample room to accommodate the inclusion of mementos, such as keepsakes, pets ashes ect.

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Final Internment

You will receive a Captain’s Certification of the exact location of internment, including Latitude, Longitude, Depth, and Date. We are focused on your happiness, so we will not rush your design process. 

Package Pricing

The pricing for Construction, Mobilization, Deployment is $8,990, this price includes the creation of the memorial. Inclusion of acceptable items, a standard commemorative bronze plaque, and professional-grade photo.  We accept MasterCard Debit™, Visa Debit™, personal, and official checks as methods of payment.

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